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Thinking of Saving Money and Installing Your Own Floor?  

What It Takes to Install Wood Floors



There’s nothing which can make a home more elegant than

wood floors

. The installation of most of them is quite easy, and not as expensive as one may think. Most homeowners, should they be DIY savvy, can install hardwood floors themselves. But, this job does call for patience and an attention to detail.



Before you install your wooden floor, find out which kind of flooring you want. Things like grain, finish, and color, should all be thought out first. Is genuine hardwood flooring what you want, or will cheaper alternatives be just as effective, do you want the look

of bamboo or parquet?



To install

wood floors

properly, your subflooring is crucial. Is your subfloor concrete, plywood, or original wood flooring? Hardwood flooring can be nailed onto plywood, glued onto concrete, and some laminates will just be floating, secured only by its tightness.



When preparing to install wooden floors, make sure your subflooring is clean and completely dry. With the case of a floor being laid over plywood, you need to lay down the

bond paper in order to reduce squeaking and provide extra moisture protection. This part is vital to ensuring easier installation, in addition to a more tight and finished look.



The first boards need to be laid parallel to the longest wall in the room, with the grooves put facing the wall, and spaced around 0.64 cm to 1.27 cm from the wall to allow for expansion. Measure and cut a board to the length of the first one, and then use the remainder of the end piece to start the next course. The first course, when it is not secured using adhesive, must be nailed down.



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