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Are you a fan of wood floors, and do you want to hire a company for your wood flooring installation project? Maybe you need an expert to repair or refinish your floors? Either way, Woodsman Flooring LLC is the company you should choose. We are conveniently based in Grand Rapids, MI, and here is more about what we offer.

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Hardwood Floor Installation
Professional hardwood floor installers have a significant advantage in terms of expertise and experience. It's usual for DIYers to waste a lot of time looking for answers to questions about the best products and processes, while professionals like us already know the answers. Because of their better knowledge base, pros can make the appropriate picks throughout installation without having to slow down.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Every time someone looks at your home's floor, they are left with a certain impression. Refinishing your hardwood floors improves the beauty of your home, whether you are hosting guests or are about to put your house on the market. Hardwood floors attract possible property buyers, and beautifully refinished floors can increase the value of your property substantially when the time comes to sell.
Hardwood Floor Repair
A shattered or partially destroyed hardwood floor might be dangerous if you have children in the house, especially if the floor is damaged. As a result, if you see a gap in your hardwood floor, you should contact a professional as soon as possible so that the issues with your hardwood floor can be resolved without jeopardizing your family's safety. As a result, enlisting the help of a professional is a good choice. All your hardwood repair needs will be met by our company.

These Are The Benefits Of Hardwood Floors In Grand Rapids MI

When deciding on the right type of floor for your home, it may be tempting to do the job yourself. This appears to be a smart idea on the surface, but you’ll quickly understand why using a professional flooring installation service is a better option. Attempting to complete this job on your own could be exhausting and unpleasant. Many property owners think that doing it themselves will save them money, but making a mistake could end up costing them much more. A professional may be able to do the task in a reasonable amount of time. Almost certainly, experts will quote a charge that incorporates all method prerequisites. You can have the perfect floor with our professional and affordable assistance.

How We Work

We offer excellent wood floor refinishing services and much more, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. We do each project the right way, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Become one of them today and let us help you out!

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Are you looking for an affordable flooring contractor in Grand Rapids, MI? Woodsman Flooring LLC offers this and much more. Contact us today!

Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring

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Client’s Testimonial

Apr 5, 2022
by Hank W. on Woodsman Flooring LLC

I was seeking a competent flooring contractor, and a buddy recommended this one to me. They were simply outstanding in every element of the process. Thank you so much for the fantastic outcomes!

Molly Tiesenga
Molly Tiesenga
We used Woodsman flooring for our dining room and living room. Mike and his team did an amazing job refinishing and restoring our original hardwood floor back to their original beauty. Mike was very responsive and timely. There was an added personality that you do not get with larger companies. He was very patient with my husband and I's indecisiveness in regards to oil vs water based finish he provided great education to help decide. Mike also gave great advice and instructions on how to best care for or newly refinished hardwood floor to get as much life out of them. We are excited to use Woodsman again for our upstair projects. Highly recommend Woodsman Services
Amanda Vorwerk
Amanda Vorwerk
We had a very dark stain on birch wood floors that had seen a lot of wear over decades of use with little to no attention from previous homeowners. Mike and his apprentice did a fantastic job sanding off the old finish and putting on new stain. The floor turned out so beautifully, it is hard to believe it is the same floor.
Timothy Wright
Timothy Wright
When I had another contractor cancel, I found Woodsman. They were able to fit in our work (actually 3 small projects, a repair, a refinish, and a removal) between other jobs and get us taken care of. The work was done well, with minimal disruption.
Mark Gulick
Mark Gulick
Mike and his crew did a fantastic job of refinishing our 23+ year old Australian Cypress floors. They were very meticulous, they were able to keep the sanding debris extremely well contained, and the finished product is nothing short of awesome. You want to call Mike - you’ll be glad you did.
Don Hesling
Don Hesling
Mike and his crew are the best. They went the extra mile to fix a lot of damage that came to light after the estimate without charging more, sanded the floor beautifully and they were able to achieve the exact look my wife wanted. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to save their wood floor instead of replacing it.
Thomas Baynton
Thomas Baynton
Woodsman Flooring did a fantastic job on installing an unfinished oak floor in a home I own. They finished it with 3 coats and it turned out beautifully. Mike (the owner) was great to work with and was a man of his word. He measured the moisture in the wood and even delayed installation for one day to make sure the conditions were appropriate for installation. I was extremely happy! The price was great too!
Mitchell Repp
Mitchell Repp
Woodsman Flooring has been a long time customer at Energyst Solutions. Mike is a great guy.They are professional and very personable to work with. I would not hesitate to have Woodsman Flooring take care of my own wood floors, knowing they would get the job done right. A+
Francis Burns
Francis Burns
We obtained two bids on our wood floors. This company beat the other company in terms of price due to some pretty smart decisions. They found some original wood flooring in our linen closet, which reduced costs. I was impressed. They also sanded a "dog pee" area instead of replacing it. I think that it looked fine, but my wife would have liked it to have been replaced. So...they are not perfect, but a solid company. I would have no problem using them again in the future or recommending them to another person.

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