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The Best Thing About Hardwood Floors!

The Best Thing in a Home Are Floors!  

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their durability and beauty. However, this does come with a few responsibilities, one of which is regular maintenance. They‘re not only beautiful and durable but they‘re also very affordable. Because of their natural beauty, it‘s very easy to match the wood tones with other wooden furniture and decorations. Hardwood floors are also very easy to maintain. They‘re complete with protective finishes that can maintain their original beauty and keep them looking great.

If you’ve had hardwood floors for a while now, you’ll know that this is a chore that can often be overlooked. With the right maintenance schedule in place, you can keep your floors looking great for a long time. To help you get started, here are some maintenance tasks you should never forget:


You should clean your floors every few months to ensure that they stay spotless. This should include keeping the dust on the floor to a minimum. Vacuuming your floors every day is excessive and unnecessary. Instead, choose a day or two a week and make this a priority to clean your floors thoroughly.


Your floors will benefit from regular vacuuming, which should be done every day. Don’t just use your vacuum on the floor, however, and try to get rid of any loose fibers, pet dander, and other particles that may be stuck in the carpet. You should also vacuum your area rug and furniture at least once a week.


To maintain your floors, you must occasionally apply a coat of wax to protect them against water damage. This can be done once every few months, or when there is rain and snow outside. Apply the wax with a soft cloth and allow it to dry before you walk on it.

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you should consider getting them cleaned and maintained regularly. If you’re in Grand Rapids, MI, Woodsman Flooring LLC is the one you can trust. Contact us at (616) 200-7911 to know more about our services.