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Hardwood Floor Refacing Considerations

How to Prepare for a Floor Refinishing Project

Hardwood floor refinishing is the complicated process of removing the surface layer of wood, smoothing the area, and adding a new lustrous finish. If you have wood flooring in many of the rooms in your house, you should take extra precautions to prepare for that kind of project. What do you need to do?

Before your contractor arrives, you have to completely empty your rooms. Move all furniture pieces somewhere else and also remove all the things that hang on the walls. Floor refacing is a process that creates a lot of a mess. Plus, remove all clothes, shoes, cabinets, appliances, and other items.

When considering such a project, your main concern will be to protect your family and home from dirt and dust. Although professionals use special ductless dust containment systems, you can still expect to have some mess around. Expensive window treatments should be removed completely as well. If your house was recently painted, you can consult with your painting contractor about how to clean your painted walls after the refinishing process is over. If there are any items you can’t move from a room, you need to cover them with nylons or rags.

Do not forget to protect your pets. Arranging for someone to look after them while the refinishing process is going on is a good idea. Due to the noise and dust, you can do the same for your kids too. Children, cats, dogs, birds, and fish should be kept away from the work area because of the presence of unpleasant solvents and their fumes.

Last but not least, you have to consider that the refinished floors will need a certain drying time. At that time, no foot traffic is allowed. They will need at least 24 hours to dry out completely. Leave all the windows open and make sure there is somebody there to avoid theft.

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